Divine rest

blp needed a rest, says deputy leader — now they are back fresh

The Lord knew the Barbados Labour Party needed a rest after 15 years of governance, and he gave them that opportunity in 2008.

Now the party is back to reclaim the leadership of the country and to make the lives of Barbadians better, said Deputy Leader of the Opposition Dale Marshall.

Marshall was at the time addressing the first national meeting of the St. James North constituency at the Sion Hill Community Centre.

He told residents that candidate Edmund Hinkson was being presented to represent them because change was needed in the constituency and he was a man who deserved that support, and secondly because change was coming to the governance of the country.

Under the Democratic Labour Party, Marshall argued that the people of Barbados had been “bowed, bent and broken because the DLP made promises they had no intention of keeping”.

“If the voice of the people is the voice of God, then we must accept that God had in his view that the Democratic Labour Party should take over power. I gave that a lot of thought and I think it wasn’t that the Dems were going to be so good at their jobs, but that the Bees needed a little rest.

“The Bees needed rest because we worked tirelessly from 1994 until January 2008 to bring Barbados to a place where it was the proudest country in this region, but that is tiring and backbreaking work. So it might have been that God felt we needed a little rest.

“So we rested. Owen Arthur is now well rested, Dale Marshall is well rested… Cynthia Forde — we are rested and we are ready now to wrestle with the issues that are affecting Barbados,” he stated.

He charged that within the five years the DLP held the reigns, 10,000 people had lost jobs, which meant that mothers and fathers were without income with mortgages to pay and other obligations.

Within that time as well he said the economy had shrunk, which in turn meant that the daily services had to stop.

“Now Barbadians are not accustomed to this kind of ‘sufferation’. In 14 years under the Barbados Labour Party, every one of you found prosperity. Every single one of you found the opportunity to live your dreams,” he said, remarking on the fact that dreams like going to university were now vanishing.

“When I say we are looking at change …, we are looking at a change from Dems to Bees… My job is to speak with you about the serious issues of this campaign…, but the Democratic Labour Party doesn’t want to talk about how we choose to go get nominated.

“They want to talk about who comes to Parliament to eat lunch or not eat lunch. I have constituents who cannot even afford to buy a bread. Have we become so selfish, so concerned about senseless things that we only see stupidity like who eats lunch when our constituents cannot have a daily meal?”

“The BLP has launched a campaign based on single premise that the lives of Barbadians can be made better. We must not settle for less,” he told them. (LB)

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