Veteran parliamentarian says goodbye to the people of St. James north by endorsing his successor

The Barbados Labour Party is planning to work the Dems out of office.

And in his farewell speech to constituents last night at Sion Hill, former BLP MP for St. James North, Rawle Eastmond, promised the party would return hope to the people of the parish and urged Barbadians to “sock it to” the Democratic Labour Party.

Eastmond told the modest crowd at the Sion Hill Community Centre that the community had its own heroes whom they should pay homage to by renaming the centre, if not before the elections then immediately after the DLP is voted out.

“I make bold to say that this area should be named the Drakes, Broomes and Gibson Complex. I am dead serious. In a democracy the word of the people is the word of God and I know you have decided that you approve the proposal to rename here after Vasbert and the Broomes and the Gibson families,” he said to much applause and cheers.

“The DLP despite going out of office, is still very much the Government, until later. Do not let the Democratic Labour Party come and try to name this place, we have already done so and if it is not done by February 21, then that is the day when the Barbados Labour Party commits to honouring these heroes,” said Eastmond.

Reminding the people that the ruling party had promised to do something about the cost of living as a matter of urgency, he asked how they felt paying increases in water, electricity, noting that the day would soon come when “after weeping joy will come in the morning”.

“In the tenure of the Democratic Labour Party we have seen a marked decline in investment, a marked decline in opportunities especially for our women folk and our youth,” he stated, adding that local investors were awaiting a change in government before putting money into investing in the island.

Eastmond, who said he was planning to put forward candidate Edmund Hinkson at this morning’s nomination at Gordon Greenidge Primary, said that a vote for Hinkson come election day would be a vote for the Barbados Labour Party and change.

A proper youth policy was needed, he said, there was also need to empower the women to make them examples to follow and it was time residents of tenantry plots got the opportunity to receive their titles to the land, things he was sure the party would do when elected.

“In the Barbados Labour Party we will restructure and reinvigorate the economy and we will not be playing dirty, foolish games,” he promised.

He thanked constituents for their support and for giving him the opportunity to represent the people of St. James North. (LB)

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  1. I up eva since February 8, 2013 at 9:41 am

    Ronald Jones and Sleepy Smith promise the Student at The ST. James Secondary a day Home and now the day have not been granted so until then the Student head up there books “St. James Secondary”…well well well. It is a good thing these childlren can’t vote cause DEM woulda lost nuff votes…lMAO


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