BLP will ease burden

Former Democratic Labour Party leader, Clyde Mascoll, has claimed authorship of a proposal that would make all tenants living in National Housing Corporation units and paying rent for 20 years or more, owners of the units on the payment of a small legal fee for title deeds.

Mascoll made this disclosure last night while addressing a Barbados Labour party meeting in Deacon’s Farm, St. Michael.

“This is my intellectual property. It is not that slow fellow called Micheal Lashley’s idea. He is slow, in fact, I had to take him and groom him. Today he is a big boy in Barbadian politics, promising to build 2,000 houses and has only built 500 to date and they are not occupied,” Mascoll explained.

Addressing the issue of electricity, Mascoll explained that there was no good reason why the Barbados Light & Power Company should have to buy oil from the Barbados National Oil Company.

Mascoll explained that BNOC simply imports oil from Trinidad, puts a mark up on it, and sells it to the BL&P.

“There is no good reason why the BNOC should be allowed to make $50 million and $60 million in profits, while your electricity bills continue to increase at the present rate. BNOC is a glorified shop-keeper who is importing an item, does not make any adjustment to the item, but sells it to the BL&P.

“I am saying and you can rest assured that it will be done. Your electricity bills will be reduced as soon as there is a change in Government, because the research has been done,” Mascoll explained.

He told his audience that the BLP had done the research to show that of the $106 million collected in Barbados by way of property taxes, Barbadian householders only pay 20 per cent of that.

The former MP gave the assurance that rather than burden Barbadians with property taxes, a BLP Government would reduce property tax as well because it would not cost more than $12 million to do so.

Mascoll pointed out that an incoming BLP government will be seeking to put more money into people’s pockets.

He accused Prime Minister Freundel Stuart of refusing to take on more responsibility in a Cabinet that was weak in talent.

The former Opposition Leader of the DLP repeated his claim that the hardships currently experienced by Barbadians were self-imposed as a result of a hike in taxes introduced in the 2010 budget. (NC)

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