All about change

In St. Philip South … At Rices Pavilion, former minister of education, Anthony Wood says this election is all about chance.

And what he wants is for the electors in the rural constituency to give him their votes so that he can improve their lives.

“My chances are the people’s chances. The majority of the people who I have spoken to they want a chance to get their lives back on track and their chances of getting their lives back on track are good and they are giving me a very good chance of winning the seat for them so they can get the constituency back to work and the people’s lives improved,” he said to reporters after completing the nomination process this morning

Wood was accompanied by another BLP candidate Lynette Eastmond and a group of supporters.

He also said that his campaign was “going excellent” and the response was “encouraging and not surprising given the “state of deterioration of the country and the dislocation in people’s lives.

“They’ve represented to me in very clear and unambiguous term they want better they want improvements and they will turn back to the Barbados Labour Party,” the BLP candidate said.

The Returning Office is Trevor Howard and the Election Clerk is Yvonne Babb. (DS)

In St. John … At The Lodge School BLP candidate Hudson Griffith who kept his promise and did not run away after he trounced in the January 2011 by-election, went about his nomination quietly this morning.

There was a marked difference this time around when the businessman headed to the Society school with his team which included some of the same people who nominated him the first time around.

The Opposition Barbados Labour Party candidate who was severely beaten by the ruling Democratic Labour Party’s Mara Thompson, said that as far as canvassing was concerned, he had done the work he was supposed to do and had been active for the past two years in the constituency.

Griffith said he and his team would continue doing their work, and he would present myself as a representative of the Barbados Labour Party and present our programme. That’s what we will do for St. John once we are given the opportunity to represent them.” (DS)

In St. James North .. At Gordon Greenidge Primary School was where a BLP first timer was officially nominated.

As if to prove there is no rift in the Opposition camp, there was much rejoicing and even a feeling of jubilation at the Gordon Greenidge Primary School this morning when Rawle Eastmond proposed his successor Edmund Hinkson on Nomination Day.

From early the streets were filled with supporters in their blazing red shirts and the grounds of the school was filled with those who came to show their backing for both Eastmond and Hinkson.

An ever smiling Hinkson promised that he was not just ready to face the polls, but ready to step into the vacant boots left by his predecessor and more importantly to represent the people of the constituency, returning it to the fold of the BLP. (LB)

In St. George South … at Ellerton Primary School, Juliette Sutherland held tight to her husband Dwight’s hands this morning as the two led a band of Barbados Labour Party supporters into the Ellerton Primary School on Nomination Day.

Dwight Sutherland, who after a successful nomination process is now battling incumbent Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo for that constituency, looked calm and prepared for the fight still ahead.

With his large crowd walking the streets into the nomination centre this morning and walking out smiling as he declared his confidence in the process yet to come, Sutherland seemed determined to do all he could to emerge victorious. (LB)

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