Abrahams, the better man

blp candidate says he won’t be involved in any political scandals

Wilfred Abrahams is a decent, Christian guy, so don’t expect any “scandal” from him as he runs his election campaign. “My campaign and the campaign of anybody connected with me will be above board… ,” he said as sounded a warning to his team members that if their behaviour during the next 15 days leading up to the polls will no longer be on it. Speaking as the BLP mounted its in Gall Hill, Christ Church platform last night, he told the crowd that “a very nasty thing happened to me last week” which saw all of his election posters being torn down. “They did not leave one in Parish Land,” he stated. The first time candidate explained that he had instructed his team to leave space for his opponent Denis Lowe’s posters. “I said to them put all the posters at a certain level so if he wants to put some on the same pole as me he could put them below or above… I left space for the man [but] they tore down every single poster… They tore down 150 posters to put up four. That is lawlessness … I’m a Christian fella, … I understand my mother is in the crowd and a number of people who go to church with me are in the crowd, I don’t believe in obeah. “As the Lord is my witness the last week a letter came in the mail to my constituency office containing all sorts of filth. It said what rumours they plan to spread about me. It talked about I was gay, it [stated] that I was a thief.

“It said I was distributing drugs to young people and it had some vegetable matter. We [didn’t] know what it was so we made sure to carry it and put it outside in the road. “You see that sort of politics, I don’t condone that. I am not getting down there. I have no reason to get down there because I and anybody else in the Barbados Labour Party can sell themselves on their merit. “I am saying vote for me, not vote for me because I can work obeah, not vote for me because you are afraid and if you don’t vote for be you will get fired, not vote for me because I’m holding your family to ransom.

“Vote for me because I am the better man in Christ Church East. Vote for Margo Durant-Callender because she’s the better person in Christ Church West Central. Vote for Desmond Sands because he’s the better person in Christ Church East Central,” the political hopeful said. Abrahams called on the ruling DLP to “come out and defend your record”, to show the people what they had done, and if it was enough they would be voted in again. (DS)††

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