A promise to protect interests

blptuesdaynightgregorynichollsBarbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael North West, Gregory Nicholls, has charged that his vehicle has been vandalised by unknown persons in the constituency.

Nicholls made this complaint last night while addressing a Barbados Labour Party meeting in Deacon’s Farm, St. Michael.

The former government senator told his audience that every two weeks he has had to replace tyre on his vehicle.

Nicholls also revealed that his law chambers had been vandalised by unknown persons.

He claimed that as he walked around the constituency he recognised that something sinister was going on.

“Now if you do not want your community to be like Tivoli Gardens in Jamaica, where a don with connections to a politician runs the community you would go to the polls on February 21 and elect a people’s representative.

“Not a representative that would go in a corner and say the people in the Farm like too much begging. Not a representative that would say he does not have any jobs in his pocket,” Nicholls warned.

He expressed concern that even though there was a resource centre in the community no one from the area benefits from any of the programmes offered.

Nicholls argued that Barbadians were now saddled with a Government that was dysfunctional.

He claimed that there were pensioners who had to decide whether they were going to pay the electricity bill or buy medication.

The attorney-at-law charged that the adoption of neo-liberal philosophy by Minister of Health Donville Inniss had contributed to the hardships being experienced by the indigent and elderly members of the society.

Turning to Chris Sinckler’s stewardship in the constituency, Nicholls charged that he (Sinckler) was arguing that he should be re-elected on the basis that he was able to have a few roads re-surfaced and a couple houses repaired.

The aspiring MP however reminded his audience that it was a Barbados Labour Party administration that had established the Urban Development Commission.

He charged that the Constituency Council in St. Michael North West was not working in the interest of the people.

Nicholls promised that if he became the representative of the constituency after the February 21 general elections he would protect the interests of all constituents.

He gave constituents the assurance that he was not interested in dividing the community.

Nicholls also charged that currently the resources of the constituency were not divided equitably. (NC)

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