The key to winning

dlpkellmanbennpaydepositsThe man who is bent on unseating a former prime minister in the February 21 general election, has said his message of representation would be the key to winning.

Haynesley Benn, the ruling Democratic Labour Party candidate for St. Peter said his Barbados Labour Party opponent, Owen Arthur, who’s been MP for 28 years and prime minister for 14, was guilty of neglect.

“If I was prime minister of Barbados for 14 years, irrespective of any sort of criticism, my constituency would be the best constituency in the country,” Benn pointed out soon after paying his deposit to the Treasury.

“St. Peter was not among the first 25 constituencies as it comes to infrastructural development. I intend, by the grace of God in the next term to put that right.

“St. Peter has been neglected. Arthur has failed as the duly elected representative over the past five years. My performance over the past five years has sort of ensured that I met the needs of the people. I have kept my constituency office open for the past five years. My opponent cannot speak to that,” Benn said.

He revealed that he had provided employment opportunities for more than 100 people at the lower level.

“I have looked after the needs of the people, and therefore I believe that I have and excellent chance, … an excellent record to qualify and to be the duly elected representative after February 21,” the DLP candidate added. (EJ)

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