Silly season 2013

It is here and it is rolling like a well oiled machine. It is practically in full swing like a well planned fete too, but no matter how you look at it the first silly season for 2013 is underway.

The election engine rooms are motoring and producing a lot of comic relief at the same time but in between we are getting some information on the plans for the country. I had to say it took its time in coming but it has arrived and Barbados is looking forward to the February 21 day of decision.

No matter how much we talk about wanting to hear the plans for the country, we have to admit that we look forward to hearing a bunch of well educated and responsible men and women rip each other apart on a public platform albeit in a very comical manner at times.

We get to know of things we never knew existed and some leave us with our jaws hanging at times and wondering if these rumours are really true. I have not heard of anyone getting sued as yet so it makes me wonder if there is any truth to some of these character assassination statements.

Some MP’s that you would not expect to be so full of fire and venom have exploded and spat it all out for the nation to salivate on it all. People are jumping and waving and screaming and laughing their faces off. Laff It Off and the likes are in for some serious competition, but also getting some serious story lines in which they can work with too.

Political parties have their strategists and go along with the things put in place by them. The aim is to attract the masses by any means necessary as long as it is legal and will do the job they require. There is a lot of talk about the huge entertainment attractions, but that’s nothing new anymore.

Throughout the world it has become the norm. Entertainers and celebrities endorse certain political parties and politicians all the time. Some are doing it because they are sincere about their choice and some are paid handsomely to do so.

Whatever the process is, the end result is what’s important. For me, I would want to attract the first time voters and that would be those now out of school or just turned 18. They are into their music and celebs so why not capture them. Some don’t have any idea who they want to vote for so why not give them an idea through who they follow.

I was saying when I saw the BLP off to a big bright start that they seemed to have learned from the last elections and followed the lead of the DLP. The big posters along the highways and byways seem to be the thing to do. Large erections can be seen by all as you go about your daily commute.

One lady told me that she believes the bigger the erections are the more noticeable the candidates become. She even made note of Mia’s erection next to party leader Owen and Ronald Toppin in the Warrens area. Other candidates have their erections up too and lately the DLP is moving hard to get theirs up as quickly as they can.

The last time so many erections went up so fast was during the 2008 elections. Billboards galore could be seen as they are now. The only thing that is different now is that I have not heard of anyone complaining of them being up illegally or on someone’s land who does not wish to have such big erections on it. I guess different strokes for different folks.

I already have my predictions but I will hold back until closer to the big date. I just want all to go out and exercise their right. Whenever the tallies are done and the victor is announced, those who never took time to place an “O” furthermore an “X” had better not open their mouths. You had a chance to have your say and denied yourself that right. Too bad!

As the candidates continue to supply us with heavy entertainment from the platforms weekly, I wonder what would happen if the campaigning and mass meetings could go on much longer than the few weeks; we may just have a more relaxed people, as music and good entertainment tend to do that to you.

We may even see a slight growth in the economy. With all the dollars being spent, some are now seeing a Christmas in February and should maximise it as well as they can. Who says we don’t have money to spend in Barbados needs to look again. I feel the amount of money spent on campaigns and mass meeting/fetes will make Christmas shopping look like a regular weekend shopping spree.

There is a buzz about and the excitement seems to be overshadowing the serious nature of it all. Those who were unable to see their favourite entertainer since Crop-Over, please stay tuned for the next advertisement because you may get to see them wine, wiggle, “Jones” and dip at the next political mass meeting coming to a location near you.

Oh! You will get to hear some extra entertainment from the politicians too as they put forward their promises to the country and their low punches on their opponents. All this for free!

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