Not these hands of mine

dlpbathshebaholderThe DLP’s candidate for St. Joseph says it wasn’t him handing out cheques in December

In December, he was accused distributing cheques by the campaign of his political opponent Dale Marshall, and last night while speaking on the platform in Bathsheba Park to launch his campaign in this general election, Dennis Holder responded.

“Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I, evangelist Holder, will fear no evil. They’re trying to frighten me, they’ve started to attack me personally. So they put up this beautiful picture of somebody’s hand on the Internet and they’re saying how the candidate for St. Joseph was seen in St. Joseph handing out constituency council cheques.

“The people of St. Joseph are not stupid and neither are they foolish. They know the complexion of Dennis Holder. The person portrayed on Facebook was of a fairer complexion than I am and if that was not the highest degree of ignorance, you know I have two straight fingers on this right hand and during the month of December, this left hand, the thumb was severed, heavily bandaged in white and the people of St. Joseph know that,” he said.

The first timer said the constituents are not foolish and the pictured showed “how evil and how criminal minded the members of the other side are”, he said. (DS)

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