No ‘gutter talk’ from Lynch

He was on the receiving end of Prime Minister Freundel Stuart’s most vicious attacks on the campaign trail, but instead of “going down in the gutter”, Noel Lynch asserted he was going to change the game and speak about the real issues facing the people of Barbados.

Asserting the Prime Minster was a “failure at everything he does”, Lynch encouraged the masses gathered at the Bay Street Esplanade last night to look at the facts about Stuart’s tenure as a leader and St. Michael South’s constituency representative.

“We stand here in the shadow of Parliament and in the shadow of the Government’s seat, where Owen Arthur belongs. Freundel Stuart came on this very spot and what he did was he behaved like he mek himself. He took Barbados and Barbados’ politics into the gutter.

“Freundel Stuart behaved like no other Prime Minister has behaved on a political platform in Barbados. I have never heard that type of behaviour from Barrow, or from Adams or from Arthur, not even Thompson. He took this platform into the gutter, and Noel Lynch will not be going down with him,” the Prime Minister’s opponent said to a roaring applause.

“And when people focus on people’s sexuality is either they doubt their own or they envy other people for what they are doing.”

Lynch identified Stuart’s lack of communication skills and attentiveness to the needs of his constituents, as well as a “deficiency in wisdom and judgement” as some his failing flaws. He also encouraged his former St. Michael South constituents to compare his record against Stuart’s, which he said would reveal that he was the better representative for the area.

Lynch stated that in his walk-around in the constituency, he met people who have complained about the lack of representation, adding: “There is a girl sleeping from house to house and can’t find a place to sleep for her and her children…

“Now that we got a record of comparison…, compare my stewardship with his. When we were in office we put people to work and put people in Urban [Development Commission] houses, put up lights and … paved roads. It is time to go and correct the mistake. Now there is no reason for error, because we cannot take another five years of the DLP!” Lynch said. (LW)

One Response to No ‘gutter talk’ from Lynch

  1. Anthony Goodridge February 6, 2013 at 4:02 pm

    This man Noel Lynch cannot be serious. He took politics to an all time low, when he carried out this tasteless and cowardly assault on our deceased PM David J H Thompson. Noel Lynch would have to be a hypocrite to pretend he is taking a high road now, after he took this thing into the gutter … this man is an absolute disgrace to the Barbados, and I am proud of my PM Frundel Stuart for taking the fight to him and defending Mr. Thompson. I have said this before and I will say it again, and I will keep repeating it, Noel Lynch should be made to apologize to Mrs. Thompson, and family, and the people of Barbados. Imagine this is the kind of “has been” politician that the BLP, is bringing back to represent Barbados.


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