No BLP change

dlpstjosephdonvilleOpposition MP and former Attorney General, Mia Mottley, should have been fired over the burning of Glendairy Prisons.

So said Minister of Health Donville Inniss as he addressed a meeting of the Democratic Labour Party at Bathsheba, St. Joseph last night.

Telling a small crowd at the first speech of candidate Dennis Holder that the Barbados Labour Party had not changed and neither had its leader Owen Arthur, Inniss stated that the character of an individual said much about their ability to lead.

He charged that, “despite [Arthur’s] physical attributes … his attitude, his condescending behaviour, his vile tongue, his abusive manner, those things have not changed.”

Adding that the country had come too far to turn back, the MP for St. James South said that there were also issues in society over the last five years from which the DLP could and should not run away.

“So when Dale Marshall can get around the place and say we spend all kinds of money on the enquiry into the Alexandra School. Half million dollars to spend on a commission that not only showed what was happening at the Alexandra School, but also showed up some of the deficiencies in our Education Act, in our education system, in our industrial relations programmes,” he said, adding that Marshall had indicated it was a waste of money, despite the fact that the situation had been resolved.

The BLP in that position, he charged, would have run roughshod over the people and “fired left, right and centre”, but noted that the same party spent over $3 million into the an enquiry of the St. Joseph Hospital to spite Branford Taitt, who was health minister at the time, and at the end of it, nothing had come out of it.

“The list goes on and on. The Glendairy Prison…, Mia Amour Mottley should have been fired as Attorney General and Minister of Home Affairs when Glendairy Prison burnt. When you are a minister of government you shoulder great responsibility. The same way you accept praise when thing go well, you must be able to accept responsibility when things don’t go well.

“With respect of that Glendairy Prison all evidence was there, all advice was given that that was a bomb waiting to explode and Mia Mottley as Attorney General and the Barbados Labour Party collectively as the then Government, ignored all of the warning signs resulting in a burning of Glendairy and the people of Barbados then being forced to spend over US$300 million or thereabout constructing a new prison,” he charged.

“So as they talk about a safe economy and how bad things are under the Democratic Labour Party, remind Dale Marshall that all of you the residents of St. Joseph, have to shoulder the responsibility of finding $30 million every January to pay back that loan for the construction of that prison, that perhaps had Mia Mottley been paying attention to her work would not have burnt down,” said Inniss. (LB)

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