It’s all about Stuart

blpbaystreetredBarbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael North West, Gregory Nicholls believes that the February 21 general election will be a referendum on the stewardship of the ruling Democratic Labour Party Administration.

Nicholls expressed this view last night while addressing a BLP meeting at Bay Street, St Michael.

The former government senator however argued that the record of the Government would be one of “abject failure”.

“Everything the DLP has touched has turned into junk,” the attorney at law said. “Even the seismic data for offshore drilling is missing. The DLP cannot manage the country.”

He charged that their report of their achievements during the past five years amounted to an “abuse-fest”.

Nicholls claimed that not one of the 16 tenants who recently said to have been approved for homes at Forde’s Road, St. Michael, had actually received a key.

Stressing the incompetence of the Freundel Stuart Administration, Nicholls said it could not plan for the recession and now it cannot plan for an election.

He gave his audience the assurance that during the past five years the BLP planned properly to put back Barbadians to work.

Referring to the booklet Pathways to Progress, published by the DLP during the 2008 general elections, Nicholls claimed that most of the promises made in that document had not been executed.

Addressing the issue of the Rihanna concert, Nicholls said Minister of Tourism Richard Sealy needed to inform Barbadians about the contract and how much money was made.

In addition, Nicholls said he wanted to know who was the employee from CLICO who benefited from the Rihanna concert.

Nicholls questioned the competence of some individuals who were playing leading roles in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.

He charged that while the country was experiencing the worst economic recession in the past 100 years, the Administration was focusing its attention on such areas as constituency councils.

Identifying other areas where he said the administration had failed miserably, Nicholls said new projects at Pickering, St. Lucy and Merricks, St Phillip, had never materialised.

Nicholls recalled that Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler had given Barbadians the assurance that the governments of St. Vincent and Dominica would have invested in the Four Seasons project at Black Rock, but so far nothing had materialised. (NC)

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