Husbands & Hinkson sound off

blpbaytreetmcandmiaTwo Barbados Labour Party political newcomers vying for parliamentary seats in next month’s general elections have joined the chorus of discontent against the current Government.

Both St. James South candidate Sandra Husbands and St. James North candidate Edmund Hinkson last night said they wanted to be part of the new Barbados rescue team.

Their voices were among the 30 BLP candidates heard when the party held a rally at Haggatt Hall, St. Michael and they noted that their efforts would start at the constituency level.

“Times are hard and people are hurting all across Barbados. This has been one of the roughest times that we have ever had and in times like these you like to have a representative who cares, someone who is present and supports you in the time of need,” she said.

“St. James South people, many of them have been wronged. Young people know it and the young women more importantly. And that is why with me, Sandra Husbands, as the next representative of St. James South, you will have someone who cares, someone who will strive to always do right by you.

“Unlike my opponent, my business is about helping people to live their best life, my business is about helping small businesses to be prosperous and successful but this failed Democratic Labour Party Government came in and took Barbados for a ride and now in the upcoming election they want to take you for a fool,” she told the large audience.

Husbands said while Bajans were not fools and understood the current “mess” was so bad that everything “won’t be fixed in a moment”, she was sure they knew that with BLP leader Owen Arthur and his team in office “tomorrow is going to be better than today”.

Hinkson said one of the biggest signs the Democratic Labour Party was in a state of hopelessness was “the state of hopelessness in which the vast majority of youth in Barbados find themselves presently”.

“Many young people feel government is doing nothing for them. We are being led by a Government that has led us into a junk economy and a junk society, led by a self confessed sleeper. We have come in the Barbados Labour Party to rescue the people in Barbados,” he stated.

“We need the Barbados Labour Party. I am proud to be part of the team. Vote Edmund Hinkson in St. James North, vote for the Barbados Labour Party throughout this country and let us have good governance again in this country.” (SC)

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