Empowering the people

blpbaystreetbosticTo empower people, opportunities must be created.

This is the assertion of Barbados Labour Party candidate for the City of Bridgetown Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic.

Last night he pledged that once elected as representative for the constituency, that would be his first goal.

He said that unlike Democratic Labour Party incumbent, Patrick Todd, who “flooded the City with welfare coupons [even] to able body persons”, he would instead implement a “welfare to work” programme so that people would be provided with the opportunity to do some training that would lead to employment.

“We believe in something more sustainable and sustained… We have to remove people from welfare and allow them to be able to look after themselves and their families,” he said.

Bostic further chided Todd for what he considered his lack of care for elderly Barbadians. He said he believed Todd was given the post of Minister of State responsible for Social Care and Constituency Empowerment to ensure that the elderly and the less fortunate were taken care of, but “he did absolutely nothing for the time that he was there”.

“There are too many elder people who are living under some difficult housing conditions and when you go around they are not asking for much. It is just a matter of ensuring that they have a roof over their heads, that they can’t get wet; but they are not getting the assistance — they did not get the assistance,” said the candidate, who is trying for the second time to capture the City seat.

“We can’t house every last person but we must try to make every last person comfortable, and so in concert with a great housing programme, there must be a programme that the State leads to provide assistance to those persons who are unable to do it for themselves, especially the elderly who have contributed to this country and are now in their twilight years.

“We have to assist them, we have to remove the pit toilets that they have and give them water borne facilities. We need programmes where people in a community, where flooding takes place, are given the tools and are employed to keep the canals and drains cleaned on a daily basis because it is in their interest to do so… We have to look after the little things as well,” he added. (KC)

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