Deceived by DLP

blpbaystreetwoodpausesThe Democratic Labour Party has “deliberately deceived” the Barbadian public, says the Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Philip South, Anthony Wood.

At a political meeting in Bay Street, St. Michael last night he said that the DLP tenure was marked by “lies, deceit, propaganda and great incompetence”, adding that he believed they should be made to pay for their conduct because it had led to worst circumstances for the people.

Speaking specifically on their housing programme, he said the DLP reported that it has been one of their successes, but he questioned this because, as he said, none of their promises were fulfilled.

“They said they would provide 500 lots of land in five months at $5 a square foot for first-time home owners; provide 2,500 house spots for sale for low and middle wage earners in the first term of DLP Government; commit to building 2,000 housing solutions per year in the first term of a DLP Government.

“If you were lining up to vote on the last elections and a set of wicked, malicious, untruthful people could come and write this into a manifesto and you were awaiting a house you might be tempted to follow the Democratic Labour Party,” he said.

“Large numbers of Barbadians who were waiting for houses at the time, despite what the Barbados Labour Party was able to achieve in its housing programme, they followed the Democratic Labour Party. These things hurt because persons were deliberately deceived. When you see what has become of the Democratic Labour Party in trying to deliver in its housing programme … not one of these things here was actually achieved.

“I deem housing solutions to be provided when somebody has taken the keys to the house and they have moved into the house. I can assure you that the total number of houses taken cannot exceed 1,000 … in Barbados in the last five years. If housing is supposed to be a success story… because it is 1,000 out of a committed 10,000, the arithmetic would tell me that they are holding up as a success story that is 10 per cent of what they said they would achieve.

“So if housing is the only success story of the Democratic Labour Party, the Democratic Labour Party is a 10 per cent success Government,” said Wood. (KC)†

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  1. Anthony Goodridge February 7, 2013 at 2:33 pm

    How can the Barbados Labor Party seriously make this argument? 14 years what did they do but left us saddled in debt? DO NOT “BEE” FOOLED!!


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