Bull’s-eye on Marshall

Dennis Holder

Watch out Dale Marshall, your days are numbered.

That’s the warning Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite sent out to the BLP candidate and incumbent for St. Joseph while addressing the small crowd of DLP supporters at Bathesheba Park, St. Joseph last night.
And as he endorsed their candidate, Dennis Holder, he told the people that “we want to be rid of Dale Marshall and George Payne forever”.
“Representatives of the Barbados Labour Party candidate have failed you, now is your time to get rid of them forever. We have brought you a man, from the time I met Dennis Holder I said ‘Dennis I am coming to St. Joseph to speak on your behalf’.
“I heard someone say that when you go to Dale Marshall he says to his constituents that their spirits don’t meet. Well from the time I met Dennis our spirits met. I recognised man of integrity, I recognised a man of character,” Brathwaite said.
The incumbent for St. Philip South, told the voters that now was their time to vote for a man of integrity, a man of character, someone who had their interest at heart, was someone who they knew, who was truthful and strong and “would be with you always”.
“Like Maizie, who you had for five years, she has never forgotten you. Whenever I see her whenever she speaks about St. Joseph it is with a passion — like a mother about her children. Dale doesn’t know that.
“Dale came to you packaged, handed to you by the Barbados Labour Party. He never had any interest in truly representing you in St. Joseph. He was concocted by the Barbados Labour Party, sent down here after [Sir Richard] Johnny Cheltenham left and said we are giving you a seat, organised by George Payne. But we’re going to get rid of him also… We’re going to get rid of them for sure, both of them … forever,” Brathwaite asserted.
The St. Philip South candidate also told the voters that Marshall had contacted Holder and asked him not to run, to give him another five years after which he would support his bid for the House of Assembly.
He further told them to recognise that the country could not go back to the BLP rule.
“We want you to reject Dale Marshall. If he says to you and I know he will ’cause I know him, … vote for him. The Dems will still win — do not fall for that trick. They will come and suggest to you that we still need an Opposition, so we need to support some of them.

“Reject all of them. Reject Dale Marshall! Reject George Payne! Reject Owen Arthur! Reject all of them! Do not fall for their tricks and their lies, do not be mislead by them again. They had 14 years to turn around this economy, 14 years to make a difference to more of you, and they failed,” said Brathwaite. (DS)

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