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blphaggathallowenbarricadeTrust us to do right for you — that was the common thread that ran through the messages of three of the Barbados Labour Party’s candidates last night as they mounted the stage at the rally titled Big Up Yourself Barbados.

Former minister of tourism, Noel Lynch, told the massive crowd: “I want you to put your hands in the hands of the people who have always looked after you. I want you to put your hands in the hands of the people that will put money back in your pockets. I want you to put your hands in the hands of the people who will put you back to work.

“This is our legacy. This is our record and if you love your children and your children’s children, put your hands in the hands of the Barbados Labour Party on February 21 and secure your future.”

St. Michael East candidate Trevor Prescod said that when he looked at the people he saw a reflection of himself, “an oppressed people subjected to the shackles of slavery in the 21 century … under the regime of the Democratic Labour Party”.

The former minister of social transformation said the ruling party was “the most destructive institution” and this was good reason to vote for the BLP, “and I know we are much better than they are”.

“We are not only here to join a fusion of music and politics, to share joy. We are here also to prepare for work… When I see you, I don’t want to see a physical force alone. I want to see a collective consciousness of a people who know they were oppressed and when the signal was made … recently by one Freundel Stuart you saw the Barbados Labour Party ready and able.

“I want to tell you this: This is a bold and courageous institution with men of vision. We have a programme for you that will not be revealed tonight but it will be revealed in the near future and when that programme is revealed to you, it will be a declaration of a better life for the people of Barbados,” he said.

“I want you to vote for us. Every night come out and represent your interest, go with us with this programme across Barbados, We want you in the north, we want you in the south, we want you in the east, we want you in the west…,” Prescod said.

And in what is his second time facing the electorate, Colonel Jeffey Bostic told the buzzing “demoralised and disturbed” not to despair.

He further told them they were in the right place at the right time and with the right party with a leader who was on a rescue mission, who had a vision, was “tried and tested” and “internationally respected”.

That leader, he added, has steered the sinking ship away from disastrous waters in 1994 through to 2008. Therefore he urged them to say “no” to high unemployment, empty promises, empty pockets and vote out the Democratic Labour Party on polling day. (DS)

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