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To ‘the letter of the law’

 Campaign Manager Jimmy Serrao speaking to the media, while Deputy Political Leader Dale Marshall and Deputy Campaign Manager William Duguid listen.

Campaign Manager Jimmy Serrao speaking to the media, while Deputy Political Leader Dale Marshall and Deputy Campaign Manager William Duguid listen.

The Barbados Labour Party has promised to follow “the letter of the law” in the putting up its electioneering materials such as posters and billboards.

Deputy Leader Dale Marshall said in fact that they also intended to adhere to the precautions from the Barbados Light & Power Company about the use of nails and staples in affixing posters to utility poles.

Noting that he hoped the ruling Democratic Labour Party would receive the same documented advice sent by BL&P to the campaign headquarters, Marshall said they had already advised teams going about the erection of the paraphernalia across the island to follow the guidelines.

They had been advised by the electric company that the staples and nails posed a danger to linesmen and staff who would have to deal with the poles and as such they were advising campaign staff and volunteers on the use of glue or other alternatives.

Asked about allegations that there were billboards, one in particular at the St. Philip Parish Church, which had not been granted permission to be erected there, Marshall said they were not aware of any breaches.

“I am not aware of that. Our position has always been that we will not erect any billboards on any property where we do not first have the permission from the property owner,” he declared, explaining that there had been one incident in the past where they thought the land owner was one individual but it turned out to be another. He said in that instance, they had returned to seek and receive permission from the correct individual for the billboard.

“I will say that no system is perfect. We have tried our best … and as soon as this is over we will look into that, but it is not the style of the Barbados Labour Party to do anything that is in contravention of the law or in contravention of people’s rights. If the fact as you have stated turn out to be correct, the Barbados Labour Party will apologise to the church for doing so and if we can get their permission to allow the billboard to stay then that will be fine, but if they do not then we will move it to a location for which we have the permission.

“No effort was spared in making sure that in relation to billboards that we followed the strict requirements of the law. We sought legal advice, independent legal advice… We also sought independent Town Planning advice so that whatever we did in relation to the putting up of those billboards would be done with the full sanction of the law,” he stated. (LB)

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