This takes the cake

Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Dale Marshall

Declaring that cake sales, car washes, bank loans, personal funding and some private financing is the source of their campaign funds, the Barbados Labour Party today challenged the ruling Democratic Labour Party to report its sources.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Dale Marshall, addressing the media at the campaign headquarters at Roebuck Street this morning claimed the BLP did not have contracts to build houses or to construct any Water Authority headquarters, and as such “the idea that an Opposition is any position to get any campaign financing of any significance is laughable”.

“I was the campaign manager for the St. John by-election and while a person may argue we were not likely to win the St. John by-election, I know what it is to come out of a St. John election having to pay debts in a by-election,” he stated.

The St. Joseph MP declared: “We have struggled with funding in the Barbados Labour Party coming into this election. We’ve each pulled our pockets, put our resources at the Party’s disposal, so that we are able to launch a campaign. What you will see in our campaign will not be in any way extravagant… again it is sour grapes.”

He asked the ruling party how much it cost to bring Luciano, Sizzla or any other international act into Barbados, stating that was not the kind of campaign the BLP was running and furthermore the Democrats were trying to make an issue where there was none.

What is the source?

“Let the Democratic Labour Party tell us where their financing is coming from. Our candidates have been having cake sales. Our candidates have been having car washes. Our candidates have been borrowing money, getting loans at the bank to be able to fund the campaign.

“I am happy that people believe our campaign is of such a high calibre that it must cost a lot of money, but we all know that things that are of a high calibre don’t necessarily always cost a lot of money. We are using our resources very carefully. We know that there is not a lot of funding available and what you will see, I think will reflect a certain modesty in our spending but if the Democratic Labour Party feels uncomfortable about it, so be it. It tells us they are already looking at this from a defeatist standpoint and that works for us.

“But I can promise you we have made no deals with anybody. We have sought financing from individuals who are interested in the well-being of Barbados and a lot of us have put our money where our mouth is and pulled our pockets to get our events to go off as they have,” Marshall said.

Campaign manager Jimmy Serrao said additionally they had received offers from volunteers and that “many of these persons who are volunteering their services are people who have skills and therefore we fully recognise the skills of these persons in order to offset, which would otherwise be a significant cost in carrying forward our campaign”.

Assistant campaign manager, William Duguid, added that because of the tough financial situation people had found themselves in because of the DLP’s leadership, they were no longer able to offer cash but instead were offering and volunteering services. (LB)

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  1. Kay-rani rosita February 19, 2013 at 1:02 pm

    “some private financing is the source of their campaign funds”
    Some private funding, in exchange for what? If this weren’t so laughable, I would cry.


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