Taking nothing for granted

dlpronaldjonescanvassRonald Jones has run twice in Christ Church East Central and has won on each occasion — but he is taking nothing for granted this time around.

The veteran member of the Democratic Labour Party and Minister of Education and Human Resource Development told Barbados TODAY: “I don’t ever take anything for granted. I recognise that our political parties have been around for a long time and would therefore have refined their systems… It is a competition and you should never underestimate your opponent.

“That’s why I recognise that even though this area has been highly supportive for a long time we still have to cover as many of the homes and residents as we possibly can. If we can’t do every house you can guarantee that there will be a call, that someone will bring some kind of paraphernalia or whatever else we have out to our people — but I would say at this stage that I should win.”

He added: “I ran twice before; 2003 when I won by 290 votes and again in 2008 and won by 946 votes. As long as persons remain committed to the ideas, the policies, the programmes and various initiatives of the party, as long as they can see and understand that the times we are in now are not the times we were in before, I should be okay.

“These are times when there is a major paradigm shift in the total economic and financial systems of the world and Government has to reorient the minds and attitudes of people…”

He added that his approach in Christ Church East Central involved “blanketing the entire constituency and we are doing it polling district by polling district”. He added though that his involvement over the years had been so thorough that there was little room for persons to complain he was not there for them.

“We have had a presence throughout the constituency all five years in all kinds of ways — through our sporting engagements…, through funerals, because there are all kinds of people you know who are connected to you. There are persons who expect you to be there in their time of mourning and sorrow and … if I can’t do it, someone will do it for me, or even if I have to go to the funeral but not the burial that is done.

“In the area of sports, I have supported our team from Lodge Road even before I was a candidate of the Democratic Labour Party. I have even supported the sports team from the village that I came from and Wotton is now back on board in sporting again in football…

“We are not only people who deal with policies and statutes, but persons who work at the level of the community to make sure the community changes, is transformed and made meaningful.

“I am reasonably comfortable with my chances of winning but not over exuberant.” (RRM)

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