Stuart stuttered

blphaggathallowenbarricadeIn calling the 2013 general elections, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart false started, and the people of Barbados now have the opportunity to disqualify him.

It was the declaration of MP for St. Michael North East, Mia Mottley, as she addressed a large cheering crowd at a mass rally in Haggatt Hall, St. Michael last night.

Promising the people that the Barbados Labour Party would help to bring down the light bills, reduce VAT on certain food items, and build an economy fit for the youth, the former Opposition Leader told the crowd that everywhere people turned in Barbados now there was confusion like never before.

“And if you were to judge what is to happen in the future from what they have done in the past week in Government, Freundel, the sleeping giant, went back to sleep after he sent the notice to GIS, because not a poster across Barbados. Not an anything to tell you that they are ready for election.

“It was a false start and when you false start in a race, what happens? You disqualify who? Disqualify them. I say to you this is a serious election and we’re already being distracted by the trivia and … the propaganda; but I say to the Dems tonight, by the time this election finish they gine go for Bob Marley song and feel wunna draw bad card,” she said.

St. Thomas MP, Cynthia Forde also declared that the BLP would be “bringing home the bacon” because all the hardship was killing the people.

The current Government was comprised, she said, of “a DLP who promised you so much pie in the sky things [and] has failed you again, but the Barbados Labour Party will rescue, rebuild and restore Barbados”.

She challenged the people to vote for the BLP to be their saviour again and forget the false promises of the DLP because their “Pathways to Progress have led you on pathways to poverty”.

Similarly, St. Andrew candidate George Payne told the people that his constituents had been good to him in good times and bad times and “in these times we will continue to support the Barbados Labour Party”.

He charged that the DLP had chosen to give up the fight for the St. Andrew seat because they knew he had it locked.

Poking fun at the candidate, Irene Sandiford-Garner, he said she had come up with the slogan I.S.G, for her campaign not knowing that to the people of St. Andrew it only meant “I Staying with George” .

“Do not be surprised if in St. Andrew there will be no contest,” he stated, telling the crowd and people of Barbados to vote BLP come February 21, and just as he had predicted in the last 10 elections, this one would be 29 to 1. (LB)

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