Staying ‘alive’

dlpricescrowdDemocratic Labour Party candidate for St. Philip South, Adriel Brathwaite, is an eager man.

He’s ready to continue the work he has started in the constituency of St. Philip South and as Attorney General in the Freundel Stuart Administration.

Speaking tonight at Rices Pavilion, St. Philip as his party made a second report to the nation on its stewardship, he said he believed he had a good run as MP for the last five years and as the Attorney General from 2010 to 2013.

“I am eager to continue my work because if I could accomplish so much in five years under the most trying economic times, I cannot imagine what it would be like in the future when things get better.

“Again when I compare what he did in housing, when I compare his report, and I don’t want the minister of housing to get upset, I’m not going to give all the figures, between 2003 and 2007, 23 houses completed 25 others. When I reached 100 I stopped counting the amount of work I’ve done over the last five years.

“We have spent in very trying times $3.8 million in housing in this constituency in very, very, very trying times… If you don’t believe me go into Foul Bay, go into St. Martin’s, go into Gemswick, go into Cave Land and Sandy Hill, go into Union, go into Long Bay, Belair, go into Diamond Valley and you will see the hard work. … It is hard work because it is harder to get things moving than it is to get the people of St. Philip South to support me,” said Brathwaite.

He told the massive crowd that under his opponent, the Barbados Labour Party’s candidate Anthony Wood, a former minister of education, did little or nothing to improve the lot of the schools in the rural constituency unlike under Minister Ronald Jones.

“I believe that education remains the best vehicle to transform Barbados and certainly this constituency. Over the last two years alone we have spent a considerable amount of money on back-to-school supplies. We have our Saturday morning reading programme, we offer scholarships.

“A young lady came into me recently and said ‘Mr. Brathwaite, thank you very much, I have passed my three exams’. I could not remember her from Adam, maybe it was a reflection on my age, but the fact that I could not remember her also speaks to when you come to me and there’s a need, once there’s a need I don’t ask you if you’re a B, C, D, or E. As I’ve said continuously if you do good, good will attend you …,” Brathwaite noted.

He also spoke about the new plant to be built at St. Martin’s Mangrove Primary after the existing plant is demolished, plans for a pre-school to be built at Gemswick, the fact that schools were refurbished and opened on time, the breakfast programme started at one primary school, and his intention to have free Wifi access across the constituency.

Brathwaite also said he contributed the first $1,000 to the construction of a hard-court at Princess Margaret Secondary School and a Carson Grazette another $1,000 so that the students at the Six Roads school would be able to play lawn tennis, basketball, and netball.

The incumbent, further told the crowd that under the Dems, there would be more jobs, roads and more houses built, and work on three hotel projects in the rural parish would continue and hopefully be completed in the next term.

The attorney general also said that “they had already walked around saying who they would fire” including members of the “apolitical constituency council” “because as soon as they come in the councils gone”.

Brathwaite stated the council in his constituency was one of the most efficient ones in the country and had worked with several organisations to carry out its mandate of improving the lives of the residents.

“There’s still lots of work to be done. I have see the wish list from the termite. It is not a serious list …,” he said as he dismissed the man whom he beat in 2008. (DS)

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