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Social media working for Bees

 Campaign Manager Jimmy Serrao speaking to the media, while Deputy Political Leader Dale Marshall and Deputy Campaign Manager William Duguid listen.

Campaign Manager Jimmy Serrao speaking to the media, while Deputy Political Leader Dale Marshall and Deputy Campaign Manager William Duguid listen.

The Barbados Labour Party’s election campaign is well-advanced, utilising social media and progressing according to plan.

This was the assertion of campaign management at the party’s Roebuck Street, St. Michael offices this morning, where Manager Jimmy Serrao declared that they were in a state of readiness, even as assistant manager David Duguid praised their use of the new technologies thus far.

Serrao said they were not at this point concerned about the preliminary voters list as they had faith in the staff of the Electoral Office. Based on the laws of Barbados, he said it was likely there would be some changes to the list and they were prepared for that and in fact up to Nomination Day they expected some work to be still happening in that regard as officers had to verify any changes made.

The campaign manager, who is a former head of that department, said he understood the operations there and after 15 years of service himself, believed there to be a “high degree of competency” in the officers undertaking the tasks and as such did not expect any “substantial differences”.

He said he had been through several campaigns and had seen a ground swell of support this time around that they had not witnessed previously.

Serrao said he believed the support was widespread across the island, as evidenced by attendance at the meetings, including the presence of both old and young at the meetings.

Additionally, Duguid said they had been able to utilise social media to their advantage, with candidates interfacing with constituents and Barbadians in general on their individual Facebook and other party pages.

“As part of a modern campaign, in a modern elections, in a modern Barbados, in addition to using the print media and the electronic media, social media also plays a tremendous part in reaching people in the country.

“It is not every meeting you can get to on the print media or the electronic media and what the social media has done for us is be able to get our message out instantly and immediately, which is something print media cannot do as quickly and these days we live in an instant society where people like to get the information instantly.”

Duguid also said that their machinery had shown that the campaign was “well-advanced” and promised as it continued Barbadians would hear more of the campaign music which was proving very effective, while Serrao said they still had all the usual major events like the unveiling of the manifesto to come. (LB)

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