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Ready and able

dlpricesdavidestwickDon’t be fooled because every utility pole and wall is not plastered with Democratic Labour Party posters. The Dems are definitely ready and able.

Minister of Culture and candidate for Christ Church West Central, Staphen Lashley, stressed today that the party has a clear campaign strategy that would be unveiled in accordance with the programme devised by the campaign team.

“The Democratic Labour Party’s election strategy has never been to panic and run around because other people may be doing things,” he said.

“Of course we remain cognisant of our environment in terms of what the Barbados Labout Party is doing, but our campaign is not essentially fuelled by them. We have had a very careful strategy which is unfolding.

“We had a huge meeting at Bay Street, and we have been mobilising our people for months before the election was called… You will see in the very immediate future the posters and all the other things that people are looking for, but we don’t believe that running around the day after elections are called and sticking up posters is any manifestation of anything.”

In an interview with Barbados TODAY this afternoon while canvassing in the Sergeants Village area, Lashley said the people of Barbados would be quite impressed when they unveil their manifesto and other campaign literature.

While declining to speak about what would be contained in the manifesto, he said he had already hinted at an ultra-modern, state of the art child care facility in the Fontabelle area that would meet the needs of many of the working parents, particularly single mothers, who were concerned about the absence of adequate, quality day care to meet their needs. (RRM)

One Response to Ready and able

  1. Yanick Prang February 4, 2013 at 11:31 am

    “Lashley said the people of Barbados would be quite impressed when they unveil their manifesto and other campaign literature.” What are you all waiting for? Stop hiding and come out and let the people know what is going on. TELL IT LIKE IT IS!


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