Pulling out all the stops

We are seeing a lot of action and good movement in the mobile phone world, and just recently the launch of BlackBerry 10 and the way the company seems to pulling out all the stops to get noticed.

And with a less than clear ad campaign which started with a 30-second Super Bowl spot, the ad claims that it’s easier to show what the Z10 can’t do in 30 seconds than what it can, and goes to extremes that include setting a man on fire and giving him elephant legs.

And like the new OS, while it won’t “wow” most smartphone users, you are very likely to remember what you saw.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some things the new BB10 does very well. The browser and camera to me stand out the most and although it doesn’t give the effect I had from watching Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich launch I am still impressed by what RIM is doing.

My main problem comes from the build quality of the device, and from all reports that continues to be a problem, and again although the Z10 is genuinely a pretty nice phone, and the performance of the OS is more than acceptable, there seems to be nothing to love about it.

RIM seems to have fallen into the same trap as Apple with the iPhone 5, nothing stands out as class-leading – just on par. They did however manage to bring all the best productivity-focused attributes of BlackBerry to bear in a much more modern package, but the app selection is very poor.

Will more and better apps come with time? Absolutely, but what makes this bad right now is the wait time BlackBerry faithfuls have had to endure. There is also the impact needed to keep and/or convince new users to switch or past users who had already switched to return – it needed to be much bigger. But who knows, only time will tell.

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