Policeman attacked over stolen iPad

KINGSTON — The police have launched a search for one of four persons who reportedly attacked a police constable attached to the Westmoreland division yesterday, stabbing him several times and beating him severely.

Dane Cunningham, otherwise called “Rasta” or “Indian” of Chantilly Gardens, Savanna-la-mar, has been branded as a person of interest by police who say he is aligned to a gang in the parish.

The policeman was attacked in what is suspected to be a case of residents on Meylers Avenue in Savanna-la-mar mistakenly accusing him of stealing an iPAD. The constable, who has not been identified, has been admitted to hospital in serious condition. His right hand was broken in two places.

According to a statement issued by the Constabulary Communication Network this morning, “the constable was driving a car similar in make and colour to that of one of the persons identified for stealing the IPad”.

The CCN further said that “it was at this time that the constable was driving his motor vehicle along the mentioned avenue when persons involved in the dispute forced him to stop his vehicle. He was then taken out, stabbed several times over his body and badly beaten.”

One person is custody for the stabbing of the lawman. (Gleaner)

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