PM: I will be returned

A seal of support for Prime Minister Stuart.
A seal of support for Prime Minister Stuart.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart would be the most surprised individual in Barbados if he did not retain his St. Michael South seat in the House of Assembly.

And the Democratic Labour Party leader also expected the DLP to regain the nine seats it held in that parish after the February 21 poll.

Speaking on the steps of the Treasury Building after paying his election deposit, Stuart said he did not “expect anything eventful in St. Michael South”.

“I think I will be returned comfortably by the constituents of St. Michael South,” a confident Stuart told the media.

“I have served them well, I have set standards of which they approve and my constituents and I have an excellent relationship and it’s a relationship that I will continue to build and I expect to be returned comfortably as the MP for St. Michael South.”

As for St. Michael overall, which has more than a quarter of the seats in the Lower House, Stuart said “the current in St. Michael at the moment is a pro Democratic Labour Party current”.

“That is going to become even more intense over the next few days and my St. Michael team is very confident that on the night of February 21 we will sweep all that is before us. So far so good in the parish of St. Michael, the constituencies of St. Michael have been doing very, very well,” he stated.

“The response we have been getting has been most heartening and that has everything to do with our openness with the public of Barbados, with the truth we have been telling and with the fact that the Government has a story to tell about splendid achievements in most difficult circumstances.

“St. Michael is a highly literate parish politically. This is not to say that other parishes are not so, but St. Michael because people come to St. Michael everyday there is a flow of ideas in the parish of St. Michael that exists nowwhere else and we feel very comfortable about the response we have been getting in this parish,” he added. (SC)

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