‘Owen not the answer’

dlpricesbyersuckooAn “out of time” Owen Arthur is not the answer to Barbados’ problems and the electorate needs to “retire” him at the polls next month.

Saying the February 21 general election was a vote “for the love of Barbados”, Minister of Labour and Social Security, Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo, said the former prime minister was “way past his prime”.

“We have to protect the people of Barbados from the Barbados Labour party, in fact we have to protect them from themselves and we have to protect them from Owen,” the Democratic Labour Party St. George South candidate said tonight at Rices, St. Philip during the DLP’s second report to the nation.

Byer-Suckoo said when Arthur was compared with Prime Minister Freundel Stuart it was “chalk and cheese”, with Stuart emerging the better leader, something she deemed important because leadership would be one of the most important factors to determine who should lead Barbados.

“They [the BLP] have a leader that when he gets up to speak they have to be biting their fingernails and hope he doesn’t say the wrong thing. We have a leader when he stands up to speak everybody wants to hear what is the next thing coming out of his mouth,” she said.

“We have seen our leader in action for the past two plus years and we know that he is reliable and he is dependable and we just love to hear when he talks. When he speaks everybody stops to listen because we know that he knows the programme.

“So on February 21 when you go to the polls remember the issues of leadership are still there, we still need good leadership in fact now more than ever. We need to have reliable, dependable leadership — leadership we can trust, leadership we don’t have to worry about, leadership that is respected across the world…, leadership that respects his team including the women.”

The DLP member also said that instead of people focussing on the political parties they loved, they should go into polling stations with the love of Barbados foremost in their thoughts.

“I want you when you go to the polls [remember] … this is … about you, this is about your children, this is about your children’s children, this is about Barbados and we are doing this for the love of our country. We have come too far to allow Barbados to be taken away, to allow all of the gains to be squandered,” she added.

The minister noted that the DLP was voted into office based on its pathways to progress agenda, but she said having found “a total mess” left by the BLP and faced with the worst economic recession the world had known, the Stuart Administration had to “build a foundation and meet the people’s needs”.

“We have not broken our promise to you, we are still on a pathway to progress for all of the people of Barbados. You know the team that you have before you in the Democratic Labour Party, a team that has had five years to show what we can do for Barbados. We have shown that we are the party that will make the tough calls, that we are the party that will put the people first,” Byer-Suckoo stated.

“We know right now that our bank account is important but it is not as important as people…, as providing a quality of living for you.” Despite the tough times, she added, Government had secured the jobs of 30,000 civil servants, and generally looked after the welfare of Barbadians. (SC)

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