Owen ‘not able’

dlpstpeterbennOwen Arthur has failed the people of St. Peter.

After close to 30 years as representative of that constituency he has failed to represent them and their needs, says Democratic Labour Party candidate for St. Peter, Haynesley Benn.

He was last night addressing a crowd of cheering supporters at a DLP open-air meeting in the Trimart car park in Mile-and-a-Quarter in St. Peter.

Trying for the second time to unseat Arthur, he told the audience he had a “strong feeling” that his victory against the former Prime Minister at the polls on February 21 would be the “biggest defeat ever in Barbadian politics”.

Benn said that in the last elections the constituents voted for Arthur believing that they would benefit from his full representation. However even with an allowance provided by the Government to parliamentary representatives to ensure that their constituency offices remained open to constituents to interface with their representatives the doors to his remained closed.

He chared that “he [Arthur] should be made to pay back every cent of that money”.

“I having not won the seat, did not benefit from that allowance, but I kept my office open at my expense from then even until now… I made myself available to the people of St. Peter. I believe in the representation of the people and if you are elected to office and you are called to serve, your call should be to represent the people, the people who voted for you and who looked up to you and who expected you to represent them. I attended to the people’s needs,” he said.

“Arthur has failed you and I don’t want you people of St. Peter to give him another opportunity to fail you. He has treated women with scant respect… He has failed us in many respects.

“I went into a place like Black Bess that have given Owen Arthur 85 per cent or more of their votes [and] there are still some people in Black Bess and other parts in St. Peter who have to walk on mornings with their bed pans in their hands from the house to a pit toilet. That should not be in St. Peter after being represented by a Prime Minister for 14 years.

“Arthur failed to reposition the agricultural sector in this country, Arthur failed to address to threat posed by the dangerous prolific biological agent called the Giant African Snail… Arthur has failed to stem the exodus of businesses and trade in Speightstown.

“Arthur has not managed the financial affairs of this country well, what he is trying to do is to get his hands back on the Treasury but we are not allowing that… I want to beat Arthur in every box,” said Benn. (KC)

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