Mia: Revival time

… says blp bringing renewed hope to ‘suffering’ bajans

blphaggathallmiaowensantiadaleFormer leader of the Barbados Labour Party, Mia Mottley, used the platform at Haggatt Hall last night to launch what she termed “the second generation of Independence”.

Mottley, who claimed the stage dancing and singing along with entertainers Alison Hinds and Peter Ram, seemed to have brought her message for the youth and those experiencing hardship, telling them the party did not want blind loyalty.

Calling on the massive crowd to “cease and settle”, Mottley charged: “This Government has presided over the robbing of spirit of Barbadians… More than anything else Freundel Stuart and his people have robbed Barbadians of their spirit. We have known what it is to overcome any obstacle.

“We have known what it is to confront the challenges, but we now have Prime Minister who closes his mouth and says nothing and then when he comes out it is to make personal attacks.”

She said she was not responding to the Prime Minister’s comments about her though, because she knew that when he went home from the Bay Street mass meeting, he had to get on his knees and pray to God for what he had said about her.

Mottley told the mass rally that there were gas station workers with children who were receiving minimum pay and could not make ends meet; there were hotel workers from Almond Beach with no jobs, and craftsmen in Temple Yard who were operating in conditions for months with no electricity.

“When he comes with all these … things, we don’t want to hear you on that. We want to hear you on vendors. We want to hear you on the people in Temple Yard. We want to hear you about the women working in the gas stations. We want to hear you about the women who lost their jobs at Almond. We want to hear you about the people at Clico who can’t get back their money. That is what we want to hear you on,” she said as the crowd erupted in screams.

“And people need to understand that you cannot educate a people and then expect them to follow you blindly. Even the sight of red here, we are not mistaken, that red here does not mean blind loyalty to the Barbados Labour Party, but red tonight means that this country wants liberation from the kind of incompetent government that is causing people to suffer.

“Red tonight does not mean blind loyalty, but it means that the people of Barbados are standing up and saying they want hope, they want an opportunity,” she stated.

She told the story of a young boxer who wanted to compete in Guyana but who could not get Government support and funding and so for the past four weeks had been going around the island attempting to raise his own funds.

Motley also spoke of footballer Marion Hart who she described as one of the most talented youth in the island, and songwriter, Sanctuary who is now working as a gardener, despite being one of the most talented individuals in the music industry.

And while these youth were trying to make their way in the fields they could be successful in, she argued that Government was spending $600,000 on the Alexandra School enquiry to find out things they already knew, but could not spare $20,000 to help with the development of these young people.

“I say tonight that the Barbados Labour Party has come to restore hope to this country. I say tonight that the Barbados Labour Party has come to uplift our young people. This performance tonight is not by accident. When we talk about building an economy for youth, it is because we recognise that many of our talented youngsters may not have interest in working in some of the old sectors, and in any event we are fighting up.

“But when we talk about culture ten years ago, 20 years ago, we have seen many Barbadians rise; many of these men could not make money [as] artists on their own. When we talk about small entrepreneurs, there are people who want to be able to make a living for their family, can’t get to do it.,” she charged, blaming the situation on the leadership of the country.

“[The] Barbados Labour Party has come here to launch the second generation of Independence, to launch us into a new Barbados. We don’t want blind loyalty from you. We can’t promise you perfection, but we are going to do the best to give you a chance in life,” she declared. (LB)

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