Lowe: Brathwaite best man for job

dlpexciteddemsIf Barbadians are to remain employed and live in a society built on principles and values, the only choice at the polls on February 21 is to vote DLP.

This was the assertion of Dr. Denis Lowe as he addressed the crowd at the Democratic Labour Party’s mass meeting last night at Rices, St. Philip.

Endorsing the DLP candidate for that area, Lowe who is contesting the Christ Church East seat, stressed that a return of power to the Barbados Labour Party would spell disaster for the country.

Outlining an alleged BLP 15-point plan of privatisation which would see the sending home of almost 15,000 public servants, Lowe lauded the DLP for sustaining jobs during ‘harsh economic times’.

“There are some yard fowls of the BLP in certain public offices saying things like ‘last to come, first to go’, but we are not promoting anything like that. We will not change the course for the better by making things worse for the people,” he said.

In a scathing attack on BLP leader Owen Arthur, much to the enjoyment of the sea of yellow that roared with excitement at the mention of the DLP’s achievements and the BLP’s short comings, Lowe said the Opposition Leader and members of that party existed only for the betterment of themselves and should be ashamed.

“Owen Arthur took advantage of every policy Erskine Sandiford put in place. He batted for 14 innings and now calling for another innings to bat again. He criticised the DLP for the eight per cent cut and not boasting that he is the one who imposed the 15 per cent VAT on everybody, even the paros,” he said, evoking a roar from the crowd.

Lowe lauded Brathwaite as the best and most productive attorney general, citing the integrity legislation and the anti-corruption bill recently passed in Parliament as hallmarks of his dedication to Barbados as a society.

“When we came into power they said that we were novices and did not understand what was going on, but Adriel Brathwaite did more work than any of them,” he assured the cheering crowd.

He added that there were a lot of people saying they wanted the Bees back because when they are in power they have money in their pocket, but he urged the crowd to hold to the philosophy of the DLP which was built on more than money in person’s pockets.

“You cannot build a society on money, but you can build a society with the DLP on strong, moral standards as exemplified by our Prime Minister Freundel Jerome Stuart, not Owen Arthur. Don’t mind you say he ain’t saying nothing. If you put nothing in a sandwich loaf and feed it to them they would not know the difference,” Lowe charged.

He also stressed that Prime Minister Stuart was a man of integrity.

“The Democratic Labour Party came to power and found an ‘I see, I want, I take mindset’ and we arrested the crime and violence that was gripping our nation under the rule of the Barbados Labour Party; all of those young people raised under Owen Arthur and caught up in crime and violence because they just wanted money in their pocket.

“We asked the question and we are asking the question as the late Errol Barrow asked, What kind of society do we want to become? What kind of society do we wish for our children and our children’s children?” Lowe queried. (DB)

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