Helping the youth

dlpstephenlashleycanvassA programme aimed at bringing communities in the Christ Church West Central constituency together has been bearing tremendous fruit.

Incumbent and Democratic Labour Party candidate for the area, Stephen Lashley told Barbados TODAY that the initiative, started five years ago had in particular brought significant benefits to youth.

“Five years ago we initiated a programme of seeking to empower our communities and bring them together, focusing a lot on our sporting and community programmes, and of course the infrastructural programmes.

“We have focused a lot on our young people and have responded to their requirements,” he said. “We know that Christ Church West Central is a big football community, both in the David Thompson Memorial Cup and the other local competition… and we have responded to that.”

The Minister of Family added: “We have also balanced that by looking at our seniors, and through the constituency council we have launched a seniors outreach programme and that has been very successful. We have also done a homework programme, so a lot has been happening.

“We have also lunched a number of infrastructural projects, including the play park in Gall Hill, and we are now finishing one in Vauxhall, and we are doing an adult park in Church Hill… So, generally speaking, the response has been very good in our canvassing, and I expect that with the assistance of the residents of this constituency we will retain it for the Democratic Labour Party.”

Question on what impact events at the national level could be expected to impact voting at the constituency level, Lashley noted:

“I believe that the people are not just looking at what has happened in their communities, but that they have seen the projects and programmes of the DLP on the national level.

“Many of the people I speak to tell me that they recognise that Barbados in the past five years has been affected by a global economic recession and they know that there are no simple or easy answers. But they also recognise that we have been holding the hands of Barbadians through our various social programme, and as you know we have resisted doing a lot of things that could impact on the small man.

“They understand that we have kept bus fare at the same level for a reason, and they have responded to the fact that we have kept faith on the financing of education, and of course in terms of the youth development programmes they have been good response to that as well.” (RRM)

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