Full house

dlpstjohnfrontrowThe Democratic Labour Party faithful converged on Rices, St. Philip last night en mass.

And by midway through the meeting, blankets, towels and any other item that could be used to make supporters and attendees comfortable were spread on grassy areas so the large crowd could better absorb the offerings.

From early southern and eastern residents and others from all parts of the island had moved into Rices with chairs and umbrellas in the advent of any showers to try as much as possible to get the “good spots”. Some were lucky enough to get to the front of the crowd where they could see their favourite DLP candidate up close and personal, while others chose locals a little further away where they could perhaps relax a bit more.

The setting was described by one supporter as “electric”, even though there was “no lot of music and entertainment”. In fact, the short jingles and party songs played to introduce the respective speakers seemed to provide enough atmosphere to satisfied the crowd which nevertheless danced along, waving placards with each beat.

While some statements by MPs whipped the crowd into a laughing, waving frenzy, others saw faces furrowed in concentration as the audience tried to get a handle on the issues before them, some even going as far as to discuss the topics right there on the spot. (LB)

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