Footballer: Youths need employment

blphallsvillagekerrieTwo out of every five young persons in the Hoyte’s New Development, St. James, are unemployed.

This concern was expressed tonight by footballer, Anthony Yarde, while addressing a spot meeting at Hoyte’s New Development in support of Barbados Labour Party candidate, Kerrie Symmonds.

Yarde, who acknowledged that five years ago he voted for Democratic Labour Party candidate, George Hutson, said the people of St. James Central have every right to vote him out of office based on the poor level of representation offered over the past five years.

The young footballer further complained that there was no rehabilitation centre for young persons hooked on illicit drugs and no sporting development in the area.

Yarde recalled that some years ago he sent correspondence to Hutson voicing concern over the plight of youth of the area and he was still awaiting a response. He charged that even though Hutson was in charge of the airport and seaport, the youth of Hoyte’s New Development and surrounding areas were unable to secure employment at these two ports of entry.

He, however, pointed out that he recently sat with Symmonds and outlined eight areas in which the youth of the area could be assisted. The areas identified were: education, sports development, youth leadership development, entrepreneurship development, addiction rehabilitation development, community spirit development, self development and mentorship.

Several young people in the area, Yarde noted, have become reckless because they saw no hope. Acknowledging that life was a chance, Yarde said he voted for Hutson five years ago, but had seen him twice over that period.

He charged that Hutson had no answers for the concerns of the youth of the area and declared that on February 21 he would be voting for Symmonds. (NC)††

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