Estwick shares licks

estwickinfullflightMinister of Agriculture Dr. David Estwick last night pointed out his 13 “tangible achievements” in the sector as he threw some “warm lashes” in his political opponent.

Speaking before a massive crowd at Rices Pavilion in St. Philip as the Democratic Labour Party made its second report to the nation on its achievements, he was very critical of the Barbados Labour Party candidate Lynette Eastmond’s pronouncements that he has nothing tangible to show in the five years he was representing the constituency of St. Philip West and in the agricultural sector.

Before listing exactly what he had done during the two years and four months he held that portfolio which also includes Food, Fisheries and Water Resource Management, he called on his Cabinet colleague Michael Lashley to bring “the dictionary and tell me what tangible mean” after saying that “anyone with half a brain” would know that what was said was not true.

“[Tangible] means perceptible by touch in other words you can feel it and it means that it is not unreal… She went on to say that my projects were unfinished but you know what is interesting in that statement, it is a full oxymoron. You can’t speak in one breath about an unfinished project if they’re not tangible, they’ve got to be there in the first place…

“I really thought you had learnt your lesson from the last two whippings I put in you tail but it seems as though you’re a glutton for punishment. … If you want to fight with me woman come good,” he said to the delight of the massive crowd.

Among the 13 achievement he listed are the establishment of a national tractor cultivation programme to help small and medium sized farmers in St. Philip and across Barbados get their farms and small plots of land ploughed, rotivated and furrowed; the St. Philip water augmentation project which was designed to find three million gallons of water; and the irrigation project at Newcastle, St. John.

Additionally, said the incumbent for St. Philip West, a molasses storage facility to save rum industry would be done; there was now a UWI Centre for Food Security and Entrepreneurship; the Japanese would be assisting the sugar industry; the Barbados Water Authority would have its own facility with a day care centre and a female lounge for the first time ever; and the natural gas pipeline project could soon be a reality.

“I want to ask Lynette and Owen this. You had 14 years what, … did you and Owen do? You didn’t do nothing about that and you’ve got the gall to come in here.”

Estwick also said: “I have shown 13 tangible achievements and I stand with the help of my cabinet colleagues proud of those achievements and you can’t move them from the records, they’re there already.”

The DLP candidate urged party supporters, as well as those in the sectors he is responsible for, to “stay with the course” and “let us complete the work done”.

“Owen Arthur did nothing for 14 years and Anthony Wood did less. I’m asking you, all those persons in Barbados who want natural gas to their homes to let [us] and the Democratic Labour Party complete the natural gas pipeline project so that we can bring 30 million cubic feet of gas to this country and everybody can be supplied. When that natural gas is supplied to the Barbados Light & Power it will cut your electricity bills by 60 per cent. You do not cut electricity bills by bankrupting BNOCL, that is not the way to do it,” said Estwick.

He also told the Barbadians that on February 21 they had a decision to make and that choice would determine whether “you will remain stable, rise with us or spiral down into the abyss of an economic black hole”. (DS)

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