DLP’s deaf

blpcrowdcheersBarbados has a disconnected administration that has closed it ears to the suffering of Barbadians for five years, not the caring government Prime Minister Freundel Stuart claims he heads.

As the Barbados Labour Party officially launched its 2013 general elections campaign tonight at the Bay Street Esplanade, its candidate for Christ Church West, Dr. Maria Agard, told the audience they were on the verge of “the most important election that you will have to take part in”.

“The truth is that they have closed their ears to the sufferings of Bajans for the past five years, they have been disconnected from us and cared not but we must bring these people back into the fold,” she said.

The first-time candidate was the first speaker on a night during which leader Owen Arthur was expected to make a case for the BLP’s return to office.

“We find ourselves, we find our beloved country on a precipice at this time and the choice that you will make this evening and the choice that you will make on election day will determine not just for you, but for generations to come whether Barbados can maintain its capacity to govern itself with sound fiscal and social policies,” she said.

“This is a serious, serious campaign because we do not want to go back to those days and if you find that tonight I am sober and I am deliberate it is because I sit and I think of our children and what their future will be like under a Democratic Labour Party Government and I am saying to you tonight that we cannot let that happen again.

“I stand here because I believe that the Barbados Labour Party more so than any other offers us the future that we deserve. The Barbados Labour Party offers strong leadership, a dedicated team, hard workers, we know what it is like to take a country from the brink of disaster and to pull it back, to revive … an economy,” she added.

Agard, who is seeking to succeed Dr. William Duguid, who was the last BLP representative in Parliament, said Barbadians should send a clear message to Stuart and company that they “are not prepared to accept that we have to tolerate the Dems for no more than another 19 or 20 days”.

“My people in Christ Church West who live along the South Coast…, who have had to go home because the tourism industry has failed and their hotels have closed and they have had no means of feeding their families after they have lost their jobs, they are ready to dump the DLP,” she said.

“I wonder if at any time the Democratic Labour Party will spare a moment to think about the 16,000 people who went home under their watch. I want to know if they recognise these people as Bajan, as mothers and fathers who have to feed their children.

“I want to know what they think of the single woman who is the only source of income in her family. What is she to do when she loses her job? How does she feed her family? How does she care for her children? How does she pay her bills? Do they feel for these people at all?”

She pledged the BLP would create jobs, and put money back in the pockets of Bajans.

“Therefore I am asking you to go out in your numbers on election day and to support every Barbados Labour Party candidate, support your candidates,” the BLP candidate stated. (SC)

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