Confident of chances

lscantleburypaysdepositsLeader of the New Barbados Kingdom Alliance, Apostle Lynroy Scantlebury says he will not represent the Democratic Labour Party or the Barbados Labour Party.

Speaking to the media after making his deposit to the Treasury this afternoon, the lone candidate for the party said he would never run on a BLP or DLP card because he saw, for too long, the treatment meted out to the people of Barbados by both administrations.

He said his father taught him not to be a coward and he was confident of his chances to unseat former Prime Minister and incumbent, Owen Arthur, in the St. Peter constituency because the people were “looking for something fresh and new … realising over the years that both parties, the BLP and the DLP, have not done much for them”.

Scantlebury said he was looking forward to a keenly contested election but said his only regret was that because of the “victimisation” faced, the other candidates for the NBKA backed out. Initially he said there were some 15 people interested in representing the party.

“For too long individuals have been too afraid to make this step… Our candidates many of them experienced a tremendous level of victimisation coming from both parties. Because the individuals have their businesses, have their mortgages and they are afraid to come out and that is what we really encountered, the fear of individuals who have the potential to bring lasting, meaningful change to the political process in Barbados.

“They are afraid to go up against these two parties… They were pressured by outside forces, and some of their own family members,” said Scantlebury.

Regardless of the outcome on general elections night, he vowed that the party would return for the next election with a full slate of 30 candidates. He said that the steps he has taken would prove that there are individuals who were willing to go up against the Barbados Labour Party and the Democratic Labour Party.

“The people of Barbados deserve more than what they have been getting… No matter what, our country needs change — we need individuals who would stand up,” Scantlebury said. (KC)

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  1. lester caeter February 5, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    Becareful Apostle no good soldier of Christ gets himself entangle with the affairs of this life, be careful remember God is not looking for righteousness from the BLP/DLP but from the church,


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