Broken social contract

blpdavidgillspotmeetingThe Democratic Labour Party has broken its social contract with the people of Barbados.

And for that, said BLP candidate for St. Michael South Central, David Gill, they should not get another chance to govern this country.

He pointed out that the Freundel Stuart Administration had increased VAT instead of removing it from the backs of householders.

“Rather than reducing the VAT or removing the VAT to householders as well as to the businesses, they in truth and in fact increased it by two and a half per cent and they had repudiated their contract. They did things for which they were not elected.

“This like the excise tax, they weren’t elected to remove retiring benefits like one of your pensions as people in the statutory corporations. They weren’t elected to increase the road tax. They weren’t elected to interfere with the arrangements for the Barbados Drug Service and the beneficiaries and all the things they did.

“They did the things which they ought not to have done and they left undone the things which they should have done – things like carrying on in the urban corridor, things like the transfer of titles in the tenantries. In my opinion they didn’t go on to do things like that,” Gill said.

The candidate also told Barbados TODAY that he could not think of one new road built in the constituency. Additionally he said there was a sports complexes that were “run-down” and this was not a good thing.

“People are of the opinion that the pain that they have suffered they have not seen anything in return for it and we certainly have suffered. There is high unemployment, especially among the youth and in my opinion these are the things that will militate against them in the end,” Gill said.

He will be going up against incumbent Richard Sealy, who is the Minister of Tourism. (DS)

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