BLP not sidelining women

The Barbados Labour Party’s ads are not aggressive, and furthermore, it is not a party that is sidelining women.

Responding to queries from the media today at a press conference at their City headquarters, Deputy Leader of the party, Dale Marshall defended their campaign ads and the general tone of the offerings from the platform.

“I don’t believe our ads are in any way aggressive. Our ads are targeted to various groups of individuals and they are being very well received. I am not surprised that the Democratic Labour Party would start this nitpicking very early in the campaign. They want to create issues, in our view, where there are none and this is just another one of those issues. We want to deal with the substantive matters that affect Barbadians and if the Democratic Labour Party wants to talk about our ads being aggressive then so be it,” he said.

The DLP was the party that chose to have elections in Lent, he added, further querying whether their ads, if they planned to release any would be passive.

“We haven’t heard any [DLP ads] yet and perhaps that speaks to their level of participation. Based on the kinds of ads they had in the last election, certainly I don’t think our ads are cast in any different mould,” Marshall stated.

He furthermore defended the BLP’s treatment of women in relation to the DLP’s constant claims of them being sidelined.

“In 2003, they had only one candidate, Undene Whitaker at a time when we had in our Parliament, Liz Thompson, Cynthia Forde, Dame Billie Miller, Mia Mottley, in our Cabinet. So to argue that we have sidelined the women of the Barbados Labour Party is nothing short of absurd. We have seven female candidates running in this election, they are all strong candidates, they are receiving the fullest support of the Barbados Labour Party and we do not intend to leave any of them on the political battlefield,” the St. Joseph MP stated. (LB)

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