BLP ‘no party of fetes’

blpcrowdcheersWe are no party of fetes, and any suggestion of such is simply laughable.

That’s how Deputy Opposition Leader Dale Marshall responded to criticisms from the ruling Democratic Labour Party of their mass rally at Haggatt Hall on Saturday night, where a large part of the event was entertainment.

Marshall told the media at a press conference at the Barbados Labour Party headquarters on Roebuck Street, the City, that the DLP had done the same thing in St. John during the last by-election.

He charged that unlike what they had heard of plans for DLP campaign events, the BLP would be using local entertainers during their electioneering.

“Since 2009, we have been conducting public meetings all across Barbados. For the last 12 months our candidates have been conducting spot meetings in their constituencies, all geared towards addressing the issues of the people in a way that is transparent and in keeping with our finest traditions. It is laughable really that at our first meeting over the years we have used entertainment that it could be alleged that we are now the party for feting now.

“In the St. John by-election the Democratic Labour Party chose to have a big fete at Bath, we chose to have instead a youth meeting in Carters, St. John where young people came out and addressed the issues. We have had a very successful meeting and it seems to us to be nothing other than sour grapes,” said Marshall, who had earlier noted that final figures for the Haggatt Hall meeting were about 25,000 people.

The St. Joseph MP charged that there were international acts lined up for some of the ruling party’s events, but promised the Labour Party would support the entertainers in the island in what they did.

“They had an event recently in St. James, Chris Sinckler had an event last year with Luciano, but we think it is sour grapes because we had a successful meeting and now they are trying to cast us in a mould that they fit perfectly.

“We intend also, to the extent that we do have any entertainment package in our meetings, we have made a conscious effort to use local artists. I think that should tell you something at a time when Barbadian businesses and enterprises are shutting down and Barbadian artists need to have a dollar in their pockets. It appears to us that the Democratic Labour Party is intent on sending those resources outside of Barbados,” he claimed. (LB)

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