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blphaggathallallredThe Democratic Labour Party is to blame for the high cost of living choking Barbadians.

This assertion was made by former senator, Tyrone Barker, who was tonight speaking at a Barbados Labour Party spot meeting in Hoyte’s New Development in the St. James Central constituency.

He said that since the DLP Administration took over the helm in 2008, they had mismanaged the affairs of the country. While he did admit that the current economic climate did have some impact, Barker blamed the Government for the bad policies implemented and bad decisions made which pushed up the cost of living and which had more than doubled the level of poverty.

“Are we going to blame world market?… We all agree that world economy is not the best that it was but that is no reason why Barbados has a rate of inflation which is three times that of our neighbours in the region.

“That means that we the people of Barbados are spending more money, significantly more, for the same level of goods and services,” he said.

Barker added that the DLP Government must take the blame because they had the power to assist the people but because they did not care about them they left every householder in Barbados to face soaring prices.

“They have it in their power to tell the oil company to charge a more equitable rate for the oil that they sell to Light & Power and let the consumers in Barbados benefit because when you benefit you take the money saved from the light bill and buy other things so that you will create employment for people.

“But as it is now when you spend all your money on light bills you have little left to spend on other†things. So it is bad policy to allow any state enterprise to make that level of profit on the back of poor Barbadians.

“This Government has made some serious moves which have increased your cost of living, in not only light bills [but] water bills. They went up by 60 per cent in the first year that they came in, car licence went from $265 to $400…, alcohol licence went from $350 to $1,000.

“Any imposition that was under the control of Government they increased them and the Barbadians suffered a lot of the increase in the cost of living as a direct result of Government action raising the VAT, raising car tax, raising the tax on gasoline, raising water rates, raising electricity rates, all of these were in the control of Government and they failed the people of Barbados very miserably,” said Barker. (KC)†

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  1. rose June 11, 2013 at 7:58 am

    Seems the whole country is developing a new industry…the Blaming Industry. No qualification and financial investment required! Welcome to Blamados where the government and opposition invest heavily in BLAME.


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