Barbadians don’t have amnesia

Owen Arthur, you state that Prime Minister Stuart “surprised himself by calling election”.

The only one surprised seems to be you, Arthur and your bumbling cronies. The PM does not cave to hysteria or operate on a schedule dictated by the BLP. You ran this country on your whim for 14 years and yet when the people decided that they were tired of your arrogance and chose the DLP for a more stable, leadership, you in your arrogance and disbelief still tried to call the shots.

You have not been the chosen leader of Barbados for the past five years. It will take Barbados longer than five years to recover from your mismanagement.

There has been loud and vociferous demand from the BLP for elections to be called. You have incited the people with your braying and your panting. Stuart stolidly refused to give in to your tantrums and has set February 21 as the date for his party to be returned to power to continue cleaning up the mess and mismanagement left by the BLP.

Please be patient Arthur, all Barbadians are not suffering from amnesia! Many still remember how you grasped the leadership from Mia Mottley on your return from sulking. Many still remember how you marginalise females in your party; many still remember how the stability of Barbados has been sold and bartered to Trinidad and other interests. Be patient, Sir.

If the people of Barbados want to ignore progress, and the effects or a world-wide slump in the economy of countries far greater than Barbados; if they want to ignore how Barbados has been impacted by this so that tourism, manufacturing, and jobs have suffered; if they want to ignore that the leadership of this country has been doing all in it’s power to stabilise this country, then the BLP back in power is all that they deserve. May God have mercy on them!

However, for the majority of Barbadians who are awake, who are educated and clear thinking and know what an arrogant, autocratic leader they dumped five years ago, the only solution is to give the DLP the clear mandate to continue to build on what they started just five short years ago! Dems all the way!

— Barbara Greaves

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  1. Kay-rani rosita February 9, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    Well said, Ms Greaves, I think he should bow out now before the 21st February.


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