Welcoming reception

blptrevorprescodcanvassFrom as early as 7 a.m. today, Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael East, Trevor Prescod, took to the hustings – with as many as 26 young people accompanying him.

Prescod told Barbados TODAY that his first stops were in Proute Road, My Lord’s Hill and Mayers Road where the reception was “very encouraging”.

The former Minister of Social Transformation said he later travelled to St. Barnabas where the reception was “extremely great”.

Prescod pointed out that the major concerns of the constituents were the quality of representation at the constituency level as well as at the national level with many expressing grave concerns about the performance of the Freundel Stuart Government.

The former parliamentary representative for St. Michael East, who lost to Democratic Labour Party challenger Kenny Best in the 2008 poll, said constituents complained that the Government had failed to reduce the cost of living, which it had promised would have been its number one priority.

According to Prescod, they also complained bitterly that incumbent MP, Kenny Best was inaccessible.

The former Member of Parliament’s sweep of selected districts was the culmination of a week of hectic activities characterised by almost daily forays into the heavily populated urban constituency.

Prescod, who was one of the frontline speaker at tonight’s mass rally at the Standard car park in Haggatt Hall, St. Michael, said he completed his canvassing around 3 p.m. (NC)

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