Strong support

Best hitting the road with his supporters.
Best hitting the road with his supporters.

The Democratic Labour Party Government still enjoys strong support from working class districts in spite of heavy criticism of its policies from the Opposition Barbados Labour Party.

This was clearly demonstrated earlier today when a team from Barbados TODAY caught up with DLP candidate for St Michael East, Kenny Best and his team in Licorish Village, St. Michael.

The team overheard one constituent giving Best the assurance that he did not have to worry about her support because she always voted DLP.

Another constituent who dismissed all politicians as of no use when approached by Best at her home, quickly issued a distinction between politicians and the party they represented, saying: “Do not mind politicians, they are no use. If there wasn’t a party you would not vote for them. As I told Best last time, I voting for the party, not for him, because politicians are of no use.”

Meanwhile, in a brief interview during a break in his canvassing, Best said he was doing what the Lord asked him to do. He added that he had a contribution to make and this explained why he entered elective politics.

He acknowledged that he still had a lot of work to do within the constituency.

Best said so far he had enjoyed a warm welcome in such areas as Haggatt Hall, St. Barnabas, Odessa Mc Clean Drive and the Housing Area in the Ivy.

He stressed that there wasn’t any need for hostility towards DLP candidates because Government has put programmes in place to assist the masses.

Best identified free rides for school children on Transport Board buses and the summer camp programme as two initiatives that assisted the dispossessed in such areas as Licorish Village and the Ivy.

He pointed out that summer camps were held schools within St. Michael East, including Belmont Primary, St. Giles Primary and the Grantley Prescod Primary.

Best anticipated that during the DLP’s next parliamentary term, Springer Memorial School and the Charles F Broome Memorial School would also be used as education camps.

He argued that with the introduction of the camps, parents were able to go to work knowing that their children were in a secure environment and not roaming the streets.

Best pointed out that the camps also provided employment for enterprising young men and women within the constituency. (NC)

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