Out with Dems!

When cadidates meet and the mood is just right.
When cadidates meet and the mood is just right.

Making wrong things right and taming the “bulldog” are the aims of two Barbados Labour Party hopefuls this coming elections.

Dwight Sutherland, who is hoping to claim the St. George South seat from Minister of Labour Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo, said all was well in the parish that would elect him this time around; while St. Philip West hopeful Lynette Eastmond plans to celebrate the taming of David Estwick from a “pitbull” to a “poodle”.

Sutherland told a large crowd of supporters at Haggatt Hall that if they were “going to mek wrong things right, … vote for Dwight”.

It would be a vote for the return of prosperity and stability to the St. George people who, he claimed, had suffered under the hands of the Democratic Labour Party for over five years.

When he went around the constituency and the island, he said, people could not pay their light or water bills, unemployment was high, there were families who could not send their children to school and there were unfixed pot holes in the roads.

But he told the crowd: “Do not despair, the new team is here. We will restore pride and prosperity. How can we ease the pain? By going out and voting for BLP. Vote for a better Barbados.”

Meanwhile, Eastmond said while the DLP had reported to Bay Street, she had come to report from St. Philip West.

“I have … come to tell you the bulldog is now a poodle. All of you remember the bulldog walking up and down barking…, stopping ya children from sleeping, talking about BLP … and you can see David Thompson ain’t had no faith in him.”

She claimed there were many things that could be said about Thompson, but there was one thing he got right and that was “about the bulldog”.

She said Estwick had taken to television to complain about the erection of the BLP posters across the island, arguing that this was a sign of the readiness of the BLP when compared to the other party.

“[It is] signalling a party that is ready to represent you in Parliament, ready to represent the country, ready to represent you in the region and ready to represent you in the world,” she said.

Proclaiming the DLP a “reprehensible bunch of vagabonds”, she said Estwick had nothing to show for his term in office other than the fact that he had been able to draw a salary at the expense of the people, while completing no projects in any of the ministries he had represented.

“[N]ot one project completed in health, economic affairs, agriculture … and in St. Philip West, not one project completed; not even a streetlight, well, nothing for the people of St. Philip West. He don’t even mention the people of St. Philip West in Parliament,” she said, urging the people to choose a woman to represent them this time around. (LB)

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