AT HOME: Prime Minister Stuart may represent an urban constituency, but he is a cool customer when it comes to country politics.
Prime Minister Stuart may represent an urban constituency, but he is a cool customer when it comes to country politics.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is alarmed at the “whole set of money” he said was being “splurged around” in the early days of the Barbados Labour Party’s general elections campaign.

Referring to this week’s celebratory arrival of 30 BLP candidates in an air conditioned bus to pay their deposits, and tonight’s massive rally at Haggatt Hall, St. Michael featuring more than two dozen entertainers, the Democratic Labour Party leader linked these events to the creation of a “debtor-creditor relationship” involving corporate players.

He voiced the concern today while canvassing in Cave Land, St. Philip in support of St. Philip South candidate, Adriel Brathwaite.

“I have been watching some trends in a very short time since Parliament has been dissolved, I saw the signals coming before. Now there is an entertainment package at Haggatt Hall tonight, I think about 26 artists are involved. I saw air conditioned buses carrying people to (pay their deposits) and so on and a whole set of money is being splurged around in Barbados in a very, very short time compass,” Stuart said.

“Now you know in politics there are no free rides, so wherever this money is coming from debts and loyalties are being created and this is an investment in the Barbados Labour Party that will have to be repaid whenever they get back to government 10 or 15 years from now.

The St. Michael South candidate said while the investment in the DLP came from the streets, households and villages, that in the BLP came from “corporate boardrooms”.

He urged Barbadians to “watch this trend in the campaign and you will see that the amount of money that is going to be spent on the Barbados Labour Party’s campaign will send the clearest signal that the best interests of the people of Barbados can only ultimately be protected by keeping faith with the Democratic Labour Party”.

“I am going to be commenting on this more and more because I am watching it,” he said.

The Prime Minister said he was pleased with the stewardship of Cabinet members Brathwaite, Michael Lashley and Dr. David Estwick, who were aiming to regain their St. Philip seats in the House of Assembly on February 21.

He also restated his view that the DLP would win the upcoming poll resoundingly.

“The echo of the Democratic Labour Party, the vibrations of the Democratic Labour Party, are beginning to be felt all across this country. Those of you who were in Bay Street on Wednesday night would have got a foretaste of what is going to come in this campaign and we confidently expect that on the night of February 21 we will be returned resoundingly as the Government,” he said.

“We will be returned resoundingly as the Government of Barbados as a result of the confidence, the trust, and the support of ordinary men and women in Barbados. (SC)

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