BLP to the rescue

blphaggathallvotingredIt’s the people who called him back and the people he is destined to represent.

In fact, former MP and now hopeful for the St. Philip South seat, Anthony Wood, said it was the fact that everything in the country had gone wrong under the Democratic Labour Party that led him to return to run again.

Speaking at the Barbados Labour Party mass rally at Haggatt Hall, St. Michael tonight, Wood claimed that after five years and 19 days, “everything has gone wrong”.

“This country has decayed socially, this country had decayed economically, culturally and with a team of political vagabonds, it had decayed politically,” he said.

Because of what had happened five years ago, he said, as he travelled across Barbados there was “one simple thread; things dread, we voting red”.

He told the large audience which the MCs claimed was in the region of 15,000 people, that this was not the time to vote based on any sympathy for candidates.

It was not the first time the BLP had to come to the rescue of Barbados, he said, but in fact each time the country was put in the hands of the DLP it had to be rescued “in short order”.

A vote for the BLP, he said, was a vote for “yaself, yuh community, yuh country”, adding that in the eyes of those who lived abroad the country had “diminished significantly” under its present leadership.

“You have a duty to ensure that the country you leave behind is one that is well geared for your children and your children yet to be born … This election is a very serious election. I have taken what [the country] had to endure so seriously I have decided to be a candidate again. I take no pleasure in seeing people go under what they had to.

“In order to be rescued we must have the best brains, the best minds and most honest people,” he stated, adding that he hoped at the end of it, the BLP would be returned to power and those who had done the country wrong “from the other side” would be prepared to face any legal repercussions of any illegal actions.

“The constituents asked me to contest and I decided to contest,” he said, adding that victory would be “resounding and sweet”. (LB)

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