Bees smelling victory

blphaggathallvotingkerrieThe Barbados Labour Party is ready and smelling victory.

That was the message sent by the first three candidates to address a massive rally of the BLP at Haggatt Hall, St. Michael tonight.

First out of the gates, St. George North MP Gline Clarke told a waving and screaming crowd that he was confident of success.

“I smell victory. It is going to be a sweet victory. As we travel we hear we can’t take the Dems anymore,” said the veteran politician who told the crowd he had been in politics since 1994.

He told supporters they had to “go all out” to ensure the ruling Democratic Labour Party is defeated at the next poll.

“This is going to be the sweetest victory for me. I have been here since 1994 but as I travel around I hear we don’t want the Dems,” he said, telling the approving audience that they would “pick up the pieces” and send Prime Minister Freundel Stuart packing.

Indar Weir, candidate for St. Philip North, said he too was confident he would climb the steps of Parliament after elections and as such, with his “visa” he would fly to victory.

“In fives and tens we will bring home the bacon,” he told the crowd.

Adding that he had been living in the constituency since 2009, he said: “I am confident because I know I rise every morning firm that I will fear no man. I fear God only. I shall not submit to injustice. I will conquer untruths with truth.”

He said he had dealt with the social issues, the financial issues, even the gender issues in St Philip North and had committed himself “to serve the people of St. Philip North and you the people of Barbados with every tissue in my body”.

St. John hopeful, Hutson Griffith, took to the platform telling the audience despite being beaten badly in the last by-election, he was coming to share “licks, licks and more licks” this time around.

From 1958, he noted, the constituency had been in the grips of the DLP, and shouted: “I am telling you, Barbados Labour Party…, I am going to crack the seal for the Barbados Labour Party. That is no joke.”

He swore he would “walk the walk … not just talk the talk …, but do the do”. (LB)

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