Agard: Time to vote out DLP

The Democratic Labour Party has “feasted on the fatted calf” while ordinary Barbadians suffered and it’s time to vote them out of the office.

blphaggatthallcrowdThat’s what two Barbados Labour Party newcomers seeking seats in the House of Assembly said tonight.

Christ Church West candidate Dr. Maria Agard and Christ Church East candidate Wilfred Abrahams made their feelings known tonight during a massive BLP rally at Haggatt Hall, St. Michael.

“My friends, the Democratic Labour Party was swept into power on a platform of good governance, of integrity, of accountability and a promise to cut the cost of living and for the past five years we have had nothing but political frauds,” she said.

“Do you know that there are people in Barbados today who are struggling to feed their families? The 16,000 people that lost their jobs were mothers and fathers too, with a family to feed and we have an ugly situation in Barbados today where one out of every five people are living below the poverty line, thanks to the DLP.

“And what has (Prime Minister) Freundel (Stuart) done to shield the vulnerable from these harsh economic environments? What has he done to help women? What has he done to help the elderly? Nothing, nothing, nothing. Freundel Stuart prefers to preside over a vacuous Cabinet,” she said.

Agard said the Prime Minister “prefers to fight with his eager 11 and sleep on the job rather than to do work on behalf of the people”.

Wilfred Abrahams told the large crowd Stuart was “occupying the space that Owen Arthur should”.

He urged the Prime Minister to hand in the keys to his official car MP2 and vacate Ilaro Court.

“The Democratic Labour Party has failed. I am going to bring proper representation to Christ Church East. Christ Church East, a better man is coming! Barbados, a better party is coming and we are coming to rescue rebuild and restore!” he said. (SC)

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