Women called to arms

From left: Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo, Patricia Inniss and Mara Thompson at today’s women’s forum.
From left: Dr. Esther Byer-Suckoo, Patricia Inniss and Mara Thompson at today’s women’s forum.

There’s nothing like the force of women.

This was stressed today by Democratic Labour Party candidate for St. Michael North East, Patricia Inniss, who told an audience of party supporters that the women of the DLP would ensure that the Dems were returned to office.

The former government senator maintained that it was the women who did all of the strategising in the party. Inniss maintained that behind every political campaign there were strong women.

The part-time lecturer at the Cave Hill Campus encouraged the women present to go home and strategise to ensure that all five female members of the party win the seats they are contesting.

She said: “We hear a lot about the pollsters, but I am convinced that when women come together they can achieve anything. There is a reason why they say that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. When a woman decides that something has to be done, it is done.”

Inniss added that the quality of management displayed by the Barbados Labour Party should disqualify it from a return to office. She said she shuddered at the thought of the BLP assuming political office following the February 21 general elections.

Inniss pointed out that after 14 years of plenty nothing was done to diversify the economy, adding that when the DLP administration assumed office in 2008, it was saddled with a $200 million energy bill. Inniss accused the BLP of pursuing the same policy of fixing the price of fuel in the current general election campaign even though it accumulated that significant debt.

She maintained that by pursuing a policy of subsidising energy the BLP had left a major debt for the DLP, describing such a policy as stupidity.

Inniss questioned Opposition suggestions that Government should have introduced a stimulus package to kick-start the economy.

She maintained that if a stimulus package had been introduced the country’s foreign reserves would have been adversely affected. Inniss suggested that the women of the party had a duty to mobilise all members of the society.

She argued that the upcoming elections were a moral fight and called on all women who were victims of abuse to stand up for their rights.(NC)

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